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Secrets to Longevity

Do You Recognize The 3 Early Warning Signs That Your Pet Is Suffering From An Illness?

Pet ownership should be fun, easy and joyful. Unfortunately, our pets can become irritable, lazy and withdrawn when they don’t feel well. As a veterinarian, dealing with sick animals, I understand the stress an unhappy pet can place on us. But, when I think about how awful many pets must feel, it breaks my heart.

Here’s the good news…

You And Your Family Can Fully Enjoy Your Pet Well Into its Late Years, Without The Stresses of:

  • Pet Allergies
  • Digestive upsets
  • Recurrent Ear Infections
  • Obesity




True Cause of Weight Gain

Stress, Hormones and Health

According to latest statistics one in two pets are overweight – that’s 50% of them! Is your animal suffering from weight issues and gaining weight even though they still get the same amount of food? Just like for humans, decreasing food intake and dieting is not always the answer.

  • Understand Weight Gain and Obesity
  • The Cause of Weight Gain
  • The Negative Effect of Extra Pounds on Your Animal

Factors such as hormones, lifestyle, environment, etc. play an important role. Learn how to create permanent weight loss for your animal the healthy way.

Product of the Month – Blue Green Algae

blue-green-algaeLearn about supper food and how it can support your pet’s exuberant health. To peak your curiosity:
– stem cell activation
– Pain relief
– more when you come in 🙂

  • Fridays from 3 – 5 pm. Page’s Healthy Paws, Wauconda

Introductory Animal Communication Sessions

Cost $15 for 15 minutes. First come first serve. One animal per family. New patients only.

  • Sunday Sept. 4 – from 10 – 2, Page’s Healthy Paws, Wauconda
  • Sunday Sept. 18 – from 10 – 2, Page’s Healthy Paws, Wauconda

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