What Your Vet Never Told You...

The shockingly simple system to keep your animals healthy!

Attention: Animal Lovers, Animal Care Givers and Those Who Want to Provide the Very Best Life for Your Animal Companions!

Tired of spending money on treatments that
only give you short term results?

Tired of going from veterinarian to veterinarian without
finding the answers you were looking for?

Is your animal still suffering while you feel helpless?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, this video series is for you!

Now for less than the cost of one Vet visit you can learn the Animal Longevity Secrets of Dr. Odette Suter, DVM

Take your knowledge and ability to provide the very best care for your animal companion to the next level by investing in this 9-part series.

You’ll Learn More In This Video Series Than Most Animal Caregivers Will Learn In A Lifetime!

How are we supposed to wade through all the information “out there” to get exactly what it takes to keep an animal healthy or help it return to vibrant health?

In this video series, Odette Suter will teach you how you can:

• Provide a Healthy and Happy Environment for Your Animal
• Get the Answers to Questions You’ve Been Asking for Years
• Maximize Their Health & Strength
• Help Their Bodies to Heal Much Faster
• Help turn your animal companion’s health around

"Dr. Suter is one of the pioneering veterinarians who understands the limitations of conventional veterinary medicine.” --Dana Scott, Founder and Editor In Chief, Dogs Naturally Magazine

Animal Longevity Secrets Revealed

This powerful video course will teach you step-by-step all the information you need to keep your animals healthy, that your Vet isn't telling YOU! It’s a veterinary level education, for less than the price of one vet visit.

More importantly this information could save you thousands on future medical expenses for your animals.

MODULE #1 - Animal Longevity Secrets Revealed - Introduction
- What you need to understand to truly heal your animal
- Today’s health crisis
- Recognize the biggest mistakes people make regarding health
- Brainwashed by big pharma
- Chronic diseases – what do they have in common?

MODULE #2 - Nutrition: Feeding for Health
- Health and disease today
- Recognize signs of health and disease
- Cells and their function
- Effects of poor food – the PROOF
- “Genetics”
- What to feed

MODULE #3 - Nutrition – Practical Application
- What is really in your pets’ food
- Pet food deception
- Vets and pet food
- Spieces-Appropriate Diet
- Learn to read the label
- Different types of pet food

MODULE #4 - Gastrointestinal Tract – No Gut No Glory
- Why is gut health SO important
- Effect on the body
- Anatomy and physiology review
- Immune system of the GI tract
- Microbiome – the future of medicine
- Gut-Brain Connection
- Leaky Gut
- Diagnostics
- Restoring gut health

MODULE #5 - Detox – Get the Garbage Out
- Deadly toxins
- Detox explained
- Sources of toxins
- Humans vs. animals
- Testing
- How to

MODULE #6 - Nervous system – The Body’s Computer System
- The basics
- Neurotransmitters
- How are nerves affected
- Why is proper nerve flow so crucial
- How do injuries REALLY come about?
- Proper alignment – toenails and teeth
- Cognitive dysfunction
- How to keep it moving

MODULE #7 – Hormones – It’s a Balancing Act
- Basic anatomy
- Function of hormones
- Are they driving your animal crazy?
- Testing
- Balancing hormones – Help!

MODULE #8 - Vaccines – What You Should Know That Your Vet Doesn’t
- Understanding vaccines
- History lesson
- Current research vs current practice
- Pro and cons of different vaccines
- Vaccination rules
- Puppies and kittens – when NOT to vaccinate
- Minimal vaccine protocol
- Be your pet’s advocate
- What else is in vaccines
- Adverse reactions – research findings
- Diseases linked to vaccines
- Alternatives

MODULE #9 - Heartworm – The Real Facts
- Heartworm life cycle
- Conditions for transmission
- Heartworm prevalence
- Cats vs dogs
- Heartworm prevention – pros and cons
- Testing

Are you ready to take action and learn from Odette’s years of experience? Yes? This program is for YOU.
The value of this program is $1,600. Your investment today is just $197

“Dr. Suter provides practical tips and advice to move your pets from a state of dis-ease to wellness, something that can only be accomplished by holistically encompassing all aspects of your pet’s mind, body, and spirit.”—Karen Shaw Becker, DVM, Proactive and Wellness Veterinarian

I'm In. I Want the Best for My Animal Companions.

I never want to feel at a loss for information again. I understand that once I’ve completed this course, I’ll feel empowered to make the best decisions for my animal friends. I’ll know the right questions to ask, and I’ll be armed with the knowledge to guide my animal’s health journey.

YES! I’m ready to learn what is needed to keep my animal companions happy and healthy.

I understand this is not just some boring webinar, but a value packed program that shows me step-by-step how provide the best life for my animals.

Your investment today is just $197

Dedicated to Your Animal's Peak Health,

Odette Suter, DVM
Holistic Veterinarian

Peak Animal Health Center

Barrington, IL

PS Every animal deserves peak health!

DISCLAIMER: For the past 28 years I have dedicated myself to the health and well being of our animal companions, I've invested more than 10 years in my training and I continue to educate myself especially in the holistic and natural, non-toxic care of animals.

I've been using a holistic approach to healing even before beginning vet school and have practical, real-world, hands-on results for my treatment protocols, which grew from the many animals I've helped regain health as well as my own healing journey.

However, as I am a licensed veterinarian, I am required to remind you that before changing your animals' diet or beginning/stopping any course of treatment for your animals, I must insist that you discuss any changes you want to make with your animals' primary care veterinarian.

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